Hey, I'm Rasmus

Copenhagen-based designer of all things web. I'm into coffee, football, photography and baking. I used to work with Issuu, now I'm with Podio.

A night out with the best of folks.

"There is no consensus and there is no silver bullet, which is why you have a million and one agency spiels, and a million and one marketing textbooks, and a million and one conferences, and a million and one schmucks like me desperately reading and listening to and watching a million and one theories in an infinite loop of pitiful ignorance."

Aaron Bateman. A dude I work with that’s really smart.

The sun finally found Copenhagen

I pray they have equally cool twins at Podio. Last day at Issuu tomorrow. Crazy.

Made a bunch of christmas greeting cards - should arrive from the printer any day now.

What all houses in Sweden looks like. Here from the terrace in front of the house. A bit chilly, but not too cold. As long as you held on tight to a big cup of hot coffee. I want to go back.

Thoughtful young man.

This. All the time.

Cycling through the neighbourhood I grew up in every morning now. I’d love to make a photobook with some cute and not so cute stories. Not sure it will ever happen.

Where I cuddle up and create things.

Field - The Match Day Paper. Brought to me stuffed in the bottom of a bag all the way from Emirates Stadium to my desk at Issuu. That’s how we roll at the forefront of the digital publishing revolution.

Timelapsed my screen at the office. Not a bad idea I think. Makes you use broader strokes. A whole lot of stealing going on :)

Hospitals are the weirdest of places. Everything looks like a movie-set. Cold, empty and 20 years late. Took a stroll with my little son putting himself and his woolly chicken in all kinds of sticky situations.